About Us

CECT- USAKTI - Center for Entrepreneurship, Change and Third Sector (formerly Center for Entrepreneurship, Cooperative, and Third Sector) is a research center under the umbrella of Post Graduate School - Trisakti University (Pasca Sarjana Universitas Trisakti).
Our main activities are in research and in training provision. Most of our research projects are conducted in partnership with other institutions as we believe in the importance and merits of collaborative and cooperative work. In doing so, we broaden our perspective and widen our network. Our research concerns are in the areas of Third Sector Organizations (TSOs) and Micro-Small-Medium Entrepreneurs (MSMEs).
CECT-USAKTI team comprises of Lecturers from Trisakti University, each of whom has an average teaching and research experience of at least 10 years.

CECT Research Projects and Training Sessions are funded by Trisakti University and the Ford Foundation. The Center also generates revenue from our training sessions.

History and Past Activities
CECT was established in 2001 and ratified under Rector’s Decree on October 2002. It was established as a result of the first collaborative research between Trisakti University and the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) for the Asia Pacific Philanthropy Network (APPIN) project funded by the Ford Foundation in January 2001. The APPIN research focused on Indonesia’s Third Sector Organizations (TSOs) as well as philanthropic organizations. It also identified organizations under the umbrella of the Third Sector. This collaborative research at Pasca Sarjana-USAKTI was coordinated by Maria Nindita Radyati and supervised by Prof. Dr. Thoby Mutis. Visit www.asianphilanthropy.org for the 2006 report update.

CECT’s subsequent research was on “Asia’s Third Sector Governance for Accountability and Performance”. This research was also funded by the Ford Foundation and coordinated by Dr. Samiul Hasan from University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). This is a collaborative research between six countries, namely: India, Vietnam, Thailand, China, the Philippines, and Indonesia. CECT-USAKTI represented Indonesia. We studied one hundred (100) TSOs, such as NGOs and cooperatives, and interviewed forty one (41) key people from TSOs. The main purpose of the research was to investigate the distinct Indonesia style of governance and governance practice in our TSOs. The Reports of all six countries will be published in 2007 by Springer Publications. Indonesia’s Report will be published by Gramedia Publishing.

CECT-USAKTI provided training sessions to officers and members of Tanggung-Renteng Cooperatives. Tanggung-Renteng Cooperative is a traditional saving-lending cooperative managed by women which originated in east Java. The training sessions were on Human Resources Management, Service Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Motivation and Entrepreneurship. Currently, CECT is working on a report on the profile and history of this traditional cooperative.

CECT also hosted international and national seminars and discussion on Governance for Third Sector Organizations; Corporate Social Responsibility and the Role of Third Sector Organizations; and Governance for Credit Union. It also hosted the country meeting for “Asia’s TSO Governance Research Project” in 2004.

Our team members are trained regularly to enhance research and teaching capabilities. The training sessions conducted in the previous year include Corporate Social Responsibility with Prof. Benjamin Bagadion, PhD from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in the Philippines as trainor. Methods in Social Research was conducted by Dr. Samiul Hasan from UTS as instructor; and Governance for Third Sector Organizations was conducted by Maria R. Nindita Radyati from CECT.


Organizational Structure

Prof. Dr. Thoby Mutis (Trisakti University Rector)

Program Officer:
Maria R. Nindita Radyati, PhD (candidate)

Formal Education:

  • Undergraduate from Trisakti University, Faculty of Economics, Jakarta, in 1990
  • Postgraduate from Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Economics, Jakarta, in 1996.
  • Currently is studying PhD in Management at University of Technology Sydney.

Field of Research:

  • Financial Management
  • International Financial Management
  • Philanthropy
  • Governance for Third Sector Organisations
  • Governance for Credit Union.

Our Team

  1. Dini Hariyanti, SE, ME
  2. Ayu Ekasari, SE, MM
  3. Netania Emilisa, SE, MM
  4. Wiwik Robiatul, SE,MM
  5. Rowland Takaya, SE, MM
  6. Danny Indriyanto, SE
  7. Dian Pratiwi, SE, MM
  8. Niko Lukito, SE, MM
  9. Gunawan, ST, MT

Administrative & Finance:

  1. Rospita Barus